To preserve natural teeth, tooth decay prevention is necessary

To preserve natural teeth, tooth decay prevention is necessary

Tooth decay is a dental disease that can easily occur even if it is neglected a little, and it is a part that should always be taken care of regardless of age. Sincere dental care is usually the way to prevent diseases such as tooth decay, but if a tooth decay occurs unavoidably, it is necessary to visit a dentist and receive appropriate treatment, such as nerve treatment, to prevent the case of tooth loss.

Dental nerve treatment is a treatment that removes root inflammation at the same time as caries treatment. If tooth decay progresses deeply in the tooth consisting of the enamel of the outer part, the dentin inside it, and the pulp, it will cause extreme pain. Instead of simply removing the cavities, the infected pulp is thoroughly sterilized and finally finished with artificial materials and prostheses. You will go through the process of doing it.

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Looking at the neurological treatment process, it is common to first remove the nerve inside the tooth so that the damaged tooth can be used for a longer time. However, if you miss the time to seek treatment, you may have to extract your teeth. Most of the causes of tooth decay that are deep enough to require neurological treatment are caused by bacteria entering into small gaps or poor tooth brushing over a long period of treatment such as resin or inlay.

Sometimes, you may feel pain even if the tooth decay is not visible. In this case, as the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected, the tip of the root of the tooth becomes inflamed and pain may appear. Inflammation of the pulp, even if the outer part of the tooth is healthy, will disappear only by making a hole in the tooth and removing the nerve inside the tooth.

If you do not receive neurological treatment, you may have to extract your teeth, and you will have to receive treatments such as implants, bridges, and partial dentures. If the tooth is not treated after extraction, the balance of the other teeth will become out of balance, and the tooth will be twisted or lie down, which will take a longer treatment period, resulting in higher costs.

To prevent these cavities and not lead to neurological treatment, it is recommended to receive regular checkups and scaling treatments at least once every 6 months. Since the tooth does not recover even if you brush your teeth hard after the tooth decay occurs, it is believed that when tooth decay occurs, it should be treated immediately so that the tooth decay does not progress further.